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A life event is a memory creator. If they didn’t create any lasting memories, there would be no need to organise them in the first place!

It is our senses that create memories, the sights, sounds, smell, touch & taste. Some of these memories can only remain in our minds, the smell & taste of the food, the sound of the music or conversation. The taste of a dish or the smell of the flowers can be remembered but not recorded. Think back to the last wedding you went to. Can you remember what the flowers smelled like? What about the cake, can you remember exactly how it tasted? Probably not!Even music becomes a memory until we hear that particular track again.

Sight is different though. The images we see can easily be recorded for posterity. Anyone with a camera, can, in theory, record our memories of the event. In reality though, the results are often not very good. Phone cameras & compact cameras are only good for recording a snapshot of the event. That may be enough. It’s a bit of a gamble though. The disco lights & lasers look great to our eyes, to a camera they’re just dots of light. Unless the photographer is an expert, the results will range from completely underexposed to ok at best! Not only is the flash on a compact camera in the worst place it could be, it will only have a range of about 10 feet in a normal room. In a large, dark hall, that distance will be down to about 3 feet! It’s hardly surprising that a lot of the pictures will be either too dark or completely black!

When you organised your event, you got a professional DJ as you wanted the best music. You got an expert cake maker to make the cake, a team of professional cooks to provide the catering, a florist to provide the flowers, Etc. You did this as it’s a big event, you want & deserve the best! Rightly so, if an event requires your attention, it should be the best it possibly can be! Why would you then skimp on the ONLY part of the event that can be physically with you forever, the photos of the event? A florist doesn’t make the best arrangement as they have the best flowers, a chef won’t make the best meal because he/she has the best pans any more than the DJ won’t be the best because they have the biggest speakers! They all bring experience, training & knowledge to their trades! Without these, they might as well be an amateur! It’s like an ordinary driver getting into the worlds best formula 1 car. They might be able to get it going and drive around. They’re highly unlikely to win a Grand Prix though, are they? It’s the same with photographer’s (any professional trades person). Uncle Bob might have a reasonable DSLR camera, but does he have years of experience? What about training? A back up camera? Several flashguns for those darkened rooms? Expertise with people? Is he willing to stay sober and effectively spend the whole event working? Does he know how lasers & disco lights will affect the image? Will he provide you with the memories of your event you deserve? If you answered no to ANY of these questions, you should ask yourself if Uncle Bob is the right man for the job? The answer to this could determine whether your memories remain just that, or a lasting memento of the day!

Will you look back on the photos from your life event with pleasure?

A life event should last a lifetime!

The science of photography,

The art of the treasured memory!

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