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Commercial Photography.

Whether you sell the odd item on an auction website, or have a full e-commerce website, good photography is essential for your brand!

Did you know that in a recent survey of online shoppers, 70% moved away from web pages where they perceived the photography to be below standard? Your online shop is your shop window. Don’t ruin it with poor photographs!

The most expensive option for your business is the DIY approach! You can’t buy years of experience, knowledge & expertise from a camera shop! Poor photography will cost your business dearly in the long run through lost orders!

Let me help your business grow! It’s a lot cheaper than you might think! Let me bring my professional quality Nikon cameras & lenses, lighting equipment, my years of experience and a wealth of knowledge, expertise and tricks of the trade to give you the shop window that makes people want to buy! Get the edge over your competitors!

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